Improving Ball Skills: Fun Activities for Your Kids’ Physical Development

Improving ball skills is crucial for children’s physical development and their engagement in sports and recreational activities.
At Ohana Physiotherapy, we specialise in paediatric physiotherapy in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast, with a focus on NDIS services. 

Here, we offer tips and engaging activities to boost your child’s ball skills, making physical development a fun and rewarding journey.

1: Start with Basic Ball Handling

Kickstart the ball skill journey with a soft, lightweight ball, such as a foam or rubber ball. These are easier for beginners to handle and build confidence.

2: Catching

Begin with simple tosses and catches close to the body, using larger, slower-moving balls initially. Gradually challenge your child by increasing the distance and speed of throws. Encourage the use of both hands for catching.

3: Throwing

Teach your child proper throwing techniques, emphasizing stepping into the throw, using the opposite foot, and following through with the arm. Practice accuracy by aiming at a target, like a hoop or designated spot on a wall.

4: Bouncing

Enhance hand-eye coordination by practicing bouncing the ball on the ground and catching it.

5: Dribbling

For sports like basketball or soccer, work on dribbling skills by gently tapping the ball with the feet (soccer) or bouncing it (basketball). Emphasize control and precision.

6: Kicking

Develop kicking skills for sports like soccer or football by aiming at a target or goal. Focus on accuracy with inside-of-the-foot kicks and power with “laces” kicks.

7: Passing

Foster teamwork and communication by practicing passing the ball to a partner. Start with short passes and gradually increase the distance.

8: Wall Drills

Utilize a wall to improve throwing and catching. The wall provides a consistent rebound, enhancing hand-eye coordination and accuracy.

Remember, the key to successful ball skill development is to ensure that activities are enjoyable and age-appropriate.
Encourage your child to have fun, and celebrate their progress and achievements along the way.
Let’s make learning ball skills a rewarding adventure! 🏀🎾⚽️🏈🥎

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