How Can a Physiotherapy Assistant Benefit Your Health Journey, Whether for You or Your Child?

In this blog post, we’ll explore how a Physiotherapy Assistant can bring valuable benefits to individuals of all ages. From understanding the role of a Physiotherapy Assistant to exploring the pathways to becoming one, we aim to provide you with insights into the comprehensive services we offer. Whether you’re considering physiotherapy for yourself or a loved one, stay tuned to discover the holistic and cost-effective solutions that Ohana Physiotherapy brings to the communities on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

What is a Physiotherapy Assistant?

An allied health assistant, or AHA for short, describes the occupation of someone who assists an allied health professional (AHP) in carrying out activities related to their profession.
In the case of physiotherapy, an AHA can be referred to as a physiotherapy assistant and works under the guidance of a fully qualified physiotherapist. In other words, a physiotherapy assistant is an AHA who specialises in physiotherapy related supports

Pathways to Become a Physiotherapy Assistant

There are two pathways to become a Physiotherapy Assistant.
One can either complete an accredited VET qualification in Allied Health Assistance, specializing in physiotherapy, or enroll as a student in a tertiary physiotherapy degree such as a Bachelor or Master of Physiotherapy.

Activities Performed by Physiotherapy Assistants

Physiotherapy Assistants at Ohana Physiotherapy are trained to undertake various activities, always under the delegation of overseeing physiotherapists. These activities include

  • Implementing and facilitating therapy programs
  • Assisting in the safe use of equipment
  • Supporting and supervising clients with exercise programs
  • Working towards rehabilitation goals
  • Assisting with mobility, gait, and transfers
  • Providing, fitting, and training clients in the use of prescribed equipment
  • Administrative tasks such as maintaining records, recording activities, gathering and documenting patient information.

Limitations and Collaborative Approach

Physiotherapy Assistants, while highly skilled, do not design their own therapy programs, provide professional opinions or advice, diagnose clients, or prescribe equipment.
For these services, it’s crucial to engage with qualified physiotherapists or other health professionals.

Cost-Effective Solutions with Physiotherapy Assistants

Working with a Physiotherapy Assistant at Ohana Physiotherapy means that, after an initial consultation with a physiotherapist, implementing treatment programs and required aids or equipment can be done on a regular basis at a significantly reduced cost.

Whether you’re considering physiotherapy for your child or yourself, Ohana Physiotherapy remains dedicated to providing expert care across the lifespan. Our Physiotherapy Assistant is ready to offer services directly to your home, pool, park, or community settings in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

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